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GW2 gold reviews is a Guild Wars 2 gold review site. We list the best places to buy GW2 gold and gems. The game has just been released but already it looks like it is going to have a large player base. With a large player base it means demand for gold and other services should be high. In the beginning I will base my recommendations on proven companies that supply games such as WOW and SWTOR as they have already proven themselves to be good providers in other MMORPGs. Feel free to email me any feedback you may have to admin@gw2goldreviews.com.

best places to buy gw2 goldBest Places To Buy GW2 Gold

1st place gw2 gold seller Guy4Game Guy4game has been around for a long time and offers a lot of services that other gold sellers don't offer like power leveling. Prices are good and customer service is reliable. They are a solid company that I recommend.
2nd place gw2 gold seller GameUSD GameUSD is the sister site for bankofwow.com but the main difference is they sell currency for other games besides WOW. The price they have on GW2 gold is good and it is a very trustworthy company.
3rd place gw2 gold seller IGE IGE is the largest seller of currency to players out there. This is one of the pioneering companies and it has an extremely good reputation for delivery speed, customer services and dependability. You will often find Epictoon has slightly better on GW2 gold prices but I still highly recommend this company as one of the best out there.

These companies offer very competitive rates and the difference between then often comes down to delivery time and customer service.

GW2 Gold Price And Service Comparisons:

Although these companies are the best gw2 gold sellers out there they do have differences.
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Keep in mind gw2 gold prices are usualy determined by demand often influenced by the release of new content for the game. I recomend buying gold before patches or expansions are released.

Updated on Nov 12th 2013